Learning Powershell – Beginner Steps

I had a lot of trouble getting into PowerCLI. I knew some of the basic commands, but I never used it to do anything productive. The biggest site I managed had 150 VM’s, and I could do most tasks quickly through the vSphere client. Since then I’ve changed jobs, and now there’s thousands of VM’s to manage! Coming into such a large environment, I’ve had to learn Powershell and PowerCLI out of necessity.

VCA Exams Worthless?

VMware released the VMware Certified Associate (VCA) exams at VMworld San Francisco 2013. These are entry level exams, below VCP, aimed at people just getting into virtualisation or not quite ready to sit the VCP exams. Bloggers are saying great things about the VCA exams. I spoke with a few people at vForum Sydney recently on the new certifications, and I’m glad I’m not the only one to have a different opinion on them.

My VCAP-DCA experience

Everyone else has done one, so I hope there’s something unique that comes out of this. The Study I made some notes as I was studying for VCAP-DCA, so these may not necessarily reflect what was on the exam. I found an awesome ESXTOP poster at vmworld.net. No idea how I hadn’t come across this before. I’d never really used esxcli much. I’d cut & paste esxcfg/vicfg lines that I’ve been hanging on to, but these commands were mainly for ESX3/4.

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